Payday 3: Looks Like it’s Making the Wise Decision

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Payday 3: Looks Like it’s Making the Wise Decision

Today’s Xbox Games Showcase unveiled the much-anticipated trailer for Starbreeze’s Payday 3, confirming its release date as September 21.

To an unseasoned eye, the trailer might come across as an extension of Payday 2. However, that could mean that Starbreeze is sticking to the essence of what fans love about the series. The trailer boasts firearms galore, riot gear, weapon customizations, and the familiar quartet of masked criminals from the earlier titles: Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf.

The Steam description teases, “Pulled from their tranquil retirement, the Crew is forced back into the underworld by an emerging threat, a byproduct of the chaos they previously instigated.”

A detailed scrutiny might reveal more nuances, but evident advancements include enhanced mobility featuring actions like sliding and vaulting. An intriguing new dynamic lets players capture guards, using them as shields. A specific scene hints at potentially using hostages to negotiate more time. And not to miss, the trailer concludes with the entrance of a bulldozer – a formidable new foe.

While the upgrades are commendable, if Payday 3 is essentially an enhanced version of Payday 2, but set in New York City instead of Washington DC, it might just be what the fanbase craves: new banks, challenges, an updated weapon inventory, and an array of cosmetic options.

Starbreeze’s commitment to their games is undeniable. Their decade-long support for Payday 2, with a plethora of DLCs, regular updates, and missions, turned it into a precursor to today’s live service games. Given this legacy, it piques curiosity on how they’ll steer Payday 3’s future – perhaps through expansive DLCs, season passes, and hopefully, without resorting to loot boxes.

In light of recent disappointments in the co-op shooter genre, like the messy Redfall and Blizzard’s retracted co-op endeavors for Overwatch 2, Payday 3 emerges as a beacon of hope. Another title worth mentioning from Summer Game Fest is the zombie-centric shooter, Toxic Commando, a brainchild of iconic director John Carpenter and the creators of 2019’s World War Z.

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