How to Mod PAYDAY 3

How to Mod PAYDAY 3

A frequent inquiry from those anticipating PAYDAY 3 is, “How to create PAYDAY 3 Mods?”

First off, it’s worth mentioning that the PD series extends various avenues for players to introduce mods into the games. The query of “How to create PAYDAY 3 Mods?” is indeed intriguing, and the PD3 modding guide could hold the keys to your answers.

While on the topic, let’s delve into the role of mods in the PD games. Mods are not only usable but also creatable by players. You too can craft one to your liking. Regarding the forthcoming game, perusing the PAYDAY 3 Modding guide will likely furnish you with the necessary insight for fabricating these mods.

The PD games are rich with mods for maps, buildings, vehicles, tools, and so forth. They serve to enhance both the player’s experience and the games themselves. For instance, you can introduce more buildings, upgrade your vehicles, or tweak the game in myriad other ways to align it with your preferences.

While employing various mods can elevate your gaming enjoyment, nothing rivals the gratification of designing your own mod, utilizing it, and making it accessible to the PD gaming community. So, heed the straightforward guidelines and unravel the process of how to create PAYDAY 3 Mods.

Step 1

Head over to PAYDAY 3’s official library page. In the top right corner below the banner, you’ll find a small settings cog icon. Click on this icon, and then select “Properties.”

Step 2

Upon clicking, a small window will appear showcasing PAYDAY 3’s properties. Surprise, surprise!

Under the “General” tab, you’ll spot a text box labeled “Launch Options” right above it.

Input the following text into that box:


Step 3

In the properties window on the left, navigate to “Installed Files” and click on “Browse…”.

Step 4

Upon clicking, a File Explorer will open, showing the root directory of PAYDAY 3.

Select the folder named “PAYDAY3”.

Next, click on “Content”.

Finally, select “Paks”.

Step 5

Within the Paks folder, create a new folder and name it:


Step 6

Navigate to your preferred mod hosting website, although is highly recommended as it is essentially the hub for PAYDAY modding.

Once on the page, feel free to download any mod that catches your eye.

Step 7:

Drag the .pak file you’ve obtained from your chosen source into the previously mentioned ~mods folder, then launch the game.

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