From Bumbling Stealth to Tactical Shooting: The Payday 3 Experience

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From Bumbling Stealth to Tactical Shooting: The Payday 3 Experience

In Payday, while certain elements might be randomized, the key to success largely hinges on experience and understanding your objective clearly. For instance, in the museum heist I participated in, a designated computer provided insights on which exhibits held the target paintings. Moreover, a unique scanner could differentiate the genuine masterpieces from replicas, while a concealed vault containing a USB key would deactivate its security measures. With such explicit directions from the outset, teams can strategize and split tasks, mitigating any clumsy missteps.

The remaining challenges lie in the exhilarating stealth maneuvers: whether it’s making a quiet entrance via a skylight, dodging laser alarms, seeking refuge in an air duct from patrolling guards, or swiftly secreting bound civilians. There was a particularly cinematic moment when our leader, in a swift move, donned his mask and neutralized a guard on the brink of raising an alarm. It was reminiscent of those tense scenes in heist films when novices realize they’re in way over their heads.

On the flip side, my experience with Payday 3 as a cooperative shooter during the demo was less than stellar. The adversaries appeared rather unintelligent, often bunching up and making themselves easy targets. While I did derive some satisfaction from outmaneuvering opponents with robust riot shields—a personal vendetta thanks to frequent encounters with such foes in Rainbow Six Siege—I suspect the gameplay might be more engaging at higher difficulty settings. My trial was limited to a few weapons and lacked any advanced skills.

Reflecting on what I might have missed, I’m curious about how Payday 3 will expand upon its predecessor, Payday 2. The latest installment has transitioned from its predecessor’s dated engine to the more advanced Unreal, which, according to Starbreeze, facilitates enhanced movement mechanics. Yet, it seems to be a restrained follow-up without notable innovations in the heist gameplay. Considering the enduring popularity of Payday 2 on Steam, perhaps the mantra is to stick to the winning formula. Why fix what isn’t broken?

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  1. peacefulpandemonium says:

    Iirc there are a few dsod pistol suit builds. The real problem is speccing perks for stealth or loud. A stealth build cannot really survive past overkill if it goes loud.

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