Give You My All 2017 – Jewellery Store Music Replacement LOUD

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Give You My All 2017 – Jewellery Store Music Replacement LOUD

Replaces the music in Dirty Ice with “I Will Give You My All 2017” from Payday 2.

I’ve spliced it up, edited and looped parts so its a bit more seemless in the transitions, but it isn’t perfect as Audio Mods are a lot more complicated than they were in PD2. However I’m happy enough with it to release for the public as I was eagerly waiting for someone to do this but… figured I’d give it a go myself.

I’ll also be the one to say, originally looping in-game didn’t quite turn out right for me; I’ve since mastered the art of editing little-endian hexadecimal – So as a pre-caution I done all the hex information on the files with already pre-looped audio. So that’s why the pak file is so big.

Now I know how to do them, I should be able to smash out more. Let me know if there’s any issues & I’ll look into it.

How to Install
Simply place the “GYMA Jewelry.pak” in your “~mods” directory of Payday 3 (If it doesn’t exist, create it), steam install full directory path would look like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY3\PAYDAY3\Content\Paks\~mods

You will also need to add “-fileopenlog” to your launch options in Steam aswell. For those using other platforms, such as Xbox Game Pass on PC. You will need to refer to a guide, but it’s probably a similar process.

Author: Reccy Breccy
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  1. MonkeyShark says:

    Why is this 170 megabytes lol, isn’t it just one music file?

  2. bruhsus says:

    make another, this time the classic version and for no rest for the wicked, please!

  3. click here says:

    In it something is. Many thanks for the information, now I will not commit such error.

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