From Perfect Start to Panic: A Thrilling Heist in Payday 3

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From Perfect Start to Panic: A Thrilling Heist in Payday 3

After an unfortunate grenade mishap, our team decided on a do-over, and this time, our plan seemed flawless from the get-go. We used the same entrance and traced a cable up to the second floor, leading us to a significant power switch that negated a chunk of the vault’s defenses. Then, we faced the challenge of identifying the right symbol on a security gate. Payday 3 throws a curveball by randomizing such elements, preventing players from merely recalling locations or sequences. One of our teammates scoured computer screens to find the requisite symbol.

Amidst this search, a tip from our leader during a prior play echoed in my mind: disrupting the camera feed operator behind the “security” door would make us invisible to surveillance cameras. In an attempt to earn some brownie points, I decided to unlock the security room. Yet, the moment I stepped inside, anxiety hit me like a truck. A bystander had witnessed my lock-picking and was on the verge of panicking. Worse, I hadn’t planned my next move.

Violence wasn’t an option without my mask, and my indecision almost cost us. However, with the mask on, I quickly subdued the guard. Remarkably composed under such tension, I recalled the need to mimic the guard over his radio, ensuring his colleagues remained unsuspecting. This trick is limited, with the count varying based on game difficulty. After this, I calmly exited the security room, secured the distressed civilian, and tucked them away inside. Mission accomplished. As a final touch, I took a moment to surveil through the security cameras, tagging guards for my team. Though it didn’t seem to benefit them much, I relished this tactical viewpoint.

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  1. Iescaunare says:

    PD2 basically went from heisting game to urban terrorist simulator where you just kill endlessly spawning cops.

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